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An invite-only private group for Sustainability Executives in corporations that have over 100+ employees.

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Do you track developments in emerging technologies? Do you research a scientific field undergoing tumultuous changes? Do you love to read and share what you’re reading? Do you have the ever-rarer ability to carry on a civil conversation?

Then Column/ is for you. You can request to join the platform here.


Column/ was built to be high-signal in a world of noise.

Intelligent, Useful, Civil

Columns are sensibility-specific rooms: they can be public or private. In them, you can follow professional fields, discover new ideas, and share information. Typically, they are invite-only.

Members of the platform can join as many Columns as they want. Some Columns are large and public, others are small and private. Columns persist for as long as they are useful. Some Columns may encompass a whole field and will last for decades, and some may be more temporary.


When you reach level five in any expertise you will get a frame around your profile picture.

Earn Reputation

We learned from how past social networks created the wrong incentives for intelligent, civil, and useful interactions.

Rather, Column/ incentivises high-quality information and respectful interaction. You can think of Column/ as the first multiplayer game for high-quality information, or, a real-world social event like a dinner party where this type of feedback is live. As you contribute to the conversation and other members respond to your posts, you gain reputation.


Writing Level 1

Contribute with expertise to boost reputation.



Political Science Level 2

Contribute with expertise to boost reputation.



Musicology Level 3

Contribute with expertise to boost reputation.


Every member has a reputation level from one to five. You start at one and can grow through the levels as you accumulate and show your expertise. The more your colleagues enjoy what you post, the higher you go.


When colleagues enjoy your posts, your reputation increases.

Generate Revenue

Columns can have subscriptions, so you can generate revenue by starting a Column.

Intentional community building is what brings all positive social change while often going unpaid. We mean to change that. On Column/, building communities can be a profession.

We’re like a Substack for community, because the information in a group is almost always much better than what any individual can write.

You can apply to build your own Column here.


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